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Nowadays, the concern for environment has become a barrier in the industrial sector as it completely overlooks the development and chooses to focus only on the resultant hazard towards environment. Improvement in institutional arrangements to provide easily accessible environmental justice to people is a part of the international agenda highlighted in instruments like Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, 1992 and the Aarhus Convention, 1998. The advancement of the relationship between human rights and the environment would enable the incorporation of human rights principles within an environmental scope, such as anti-discrimination standards, the need for social participation and the protection of vulnerable groups. Increased industrialization & urbanization, improper waste disposal, overexploitation of the country’s resources (land or water), mining, poverty etc are a few reasons behind the rapid expansion of environmental pollution in the present day world. Hence, this law was a need which has been overall classified into various different statutes and regulations dealing with a specific aspect of environment. We ensure the management of due diligence of our clients on national as well as international basis.