Matrimonial Laws

Indians are mostly excited about marriages and equally worried about troubled marriages. Marriages form an integral part of every Indian family and hence, their legality and validity also has to be taken care of. Due to the vastness of diversity in the nation, the matrimonial laws are different for every religion based on their beliefs. There is yet a long way to go before the various disparate matrimonial laws can be made to yield to a uniform law. The chief obstacle in the way is the fact that the present marriage laws are too much religion-oriented. Muslim Law has its own code of principles for marriages, Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 applies to the Hindus, the Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872 applies to Christians, Special Marriage Act, 1954 applies universally across all religions in special cases and so on.

Apart from just marriages, these matrimonial laws also have a codified set of rules and regulations regarding divorce as well which is enshrined in the Indian Divorce Act, 1869. Together, these laws govern and complement each other in the matrimonial aspect of legality in India. We help our clients get a solution to their problems and gain peace in their matrimony.