We specialize in the providing complete support and legal solutions to businesses looking to enter or expand their operations in India. Setting up of a business involves strategic, legal, financial & business decisions. Our Clients are assured of legal advisory and compliance services for setting up their business in India. We can also assist you on a day to day basis on legal issues. This would ensure that your business can run smoothly without legal hitches.


As legal advisers we can assist you with negotiations and finalization in forthcoming ventures to protect the interests of the client. We have knowledge and experience in assisting clients both Indian and Foreign to negotiate terms and conditions for Business Ventures in India.


Arbitration has become a means of quick dispute resolution in the international commercial world. It however requires an expertise. We can assist you with drafting of arbitration agreements, initiating arbitration by issuing notices and proceeding with arbitration. Our expertise lies in both international Commercial Arbitrations and Domestic Arbitrations.


Deeds are required by one and all at some point of their lives The Indian Lawyer can assist you with Ready to use Deeds, Customised Deeds.


The Team advices on inbound and outbound investments, collaboration and setting up business in India & overseas. We regularly advise on policies, regulations and compliance in relation to commercial matters. We advise and assist in helping overseas clients to set up business operations in India. We advise and guide our Indian Clients to deal with foreign investors.


Deeds are required by one and all at some point of their lives The Indian Lawyer can assist you with Ready to use Deeds, Customised Deeds

Intellectual Property

In the commercial world safeguarding ones intellectual property rights (IPR) is imperative as it is the result of a lot of hard work. IPR is also responsible for creation of brand equity. Clients are advised to safeguard their IPR from the inception. We can assist you with registration of IPR, IPR Agreements, infringement, passing off issues of your IPR, etc.


If parties are interested they can sort differences by resolving disputes by sitting across a table. This would be a short, cost effective and final way of Resolution of Disputes. This can be done by Mediation and Out of Court Settlement. We advise our Clients to make an effort towards mediation as it helps to ease out differences with minimum cost and time involved.

NRI Services

We can advice our NRI Clients on various issues pertaining to their legal affairs in India. This could be matters relating to Indian Citizenship & Visa, Custody for property & assets, Ancestral Real Estate, Probate and Administration of Wills, etc.

Ready Reckoner for Non Resident Indians

Ready Reckoner for Non Resident Indians wanting to invest in India is provided as a guide for NRI’s seeking investments in India or wanting to do business in India.This is a preliminary guide only and specific advice must be taken before making investments by consulting our Team.